Team Northwave to run in New York City Marathon 2019

Utrecht, 30 September 2019

What started out as a simple challenge posted in an email by Northwave CEO Steven Dondorp, ended up in a serious running expedition that will bring 17 runners and 14 supporters of the Cyber Security Specialist from Utrecht to the Big Apple for the annual New York City marathon. With over 60.000 runners and two million spectators, this marathon most certainly is one of the most exciting athletic events in the world.

“I was over in New York last year when the marathon took place and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Even though I personally consider running an activity reserved for animals, I thought it might be a cool idea to participate. Like most things, I felt that this would be something that you cannot do alone. You need a team. So I asked everyone at Northwave if they wanted to join me, guessing and hoping that no one would be that crazy. Within days, seventeen people had joined in and then it turned into a somewhat more serious endeavour. And now I actually had to do it myself too…” Says Steven Dondorp.

Northwave takes a professional attitude in everything that the company undertakes. We do it right or we don’t do it at all. So we engaged with On Running, a high tech Swiss running brand to gear us up with the latest in running apparel. We got various experienced marathon runners in to share their experience with training and racing. Also we partnered with ATPI Sports Events to make sure our trip would be both a safe and well trimmed journey.  

“This thing has made a serious impact on the atmosphere at Northwave. It has been the talk at the coffee machine and on our internal channels. As the race draws closer, our preparations are nearing their climax. Our non-runner colleagues not only put up with our endless runner stories, they’re extremely supportive and that’s really cool!“ says Sanne Dijkema, Recruiter and one of the runners in Team Northwave.

The team will be flying to New York city November 1st. If you are interested, you can follow their preparations and achievements online at