Team Northwave

Edward Ho

I am running the NY Marathon because I like challenges, and this is one challenge I couldn’t refuse. A Marathon was already a bucket list to do. After a 10KM in Rotterdam and a Half Marathon in The Hague, this was the next challenge for my running “career”. Thanks to Northwave (my CEO) for offering the challenge in NY. The year 2019 is all about making the finish, 6 weeks to go….I am ready….!!!

Personal Best

10K: 0:55:39
HM: 2:08:12
FM: –

Laura Schepers

I am running the New York marathon because: Sometimes there are things in life you just can’t say ‘no’ to.

When Steven returned from his trip to New York about a year ago, he walked into my office and almost immediately started talking about this great event that he experienced during his stay: the New York Marathon. I remember him leaving my office, speaking the famous words: ‘next year we are running the New York marathon too!’.

I responded with a ‘yeah sure’, thinking it was just a crazy idea.

Haha… not.

In the following weeks the crazy idea was getting more and more serious and suddenly we all received an email from Steven, saying: ‘I am going, who is joining me?’

My heart was screaming: ‘ME!’ But it took me a few days to say that out loud. I mean…a job…a husband…four little kids…and months of training? And my husband was thinking about joining too, so that could get us in some serious logistic problems, right?

Oh well, this is one of the things I couldn’t say ‘no’ to. It’s an amazing personal goal. And I love reaching out to that goal, together with this group of cool Northwave runners and supporters.

I never was a real runner, but I am actually enjoying every training so far. I learned a lot about running, about nutrition, about my heartbeat, about sport gear and how my body and mind respond to all the different things I have to deal with along the way. Six more weeks, and I am ready. I have to be. Because we are going to do this.

Personal Best

10K: 1:02:11
HM: 2:27:17
FM: –

Martha Dondorp

I am running the NY marathon because running is a metaphor for life: a new stretch of road appears at every turn. You then have to find something within yourself to go further and further, guided by the rhythm of your heartbeat. Looking into the distance, beyond your own horizon. My personal best is 32 kilometers. I will discover the extra 10,195 when we are in NY, as proud guest member of team Northwave!

Pascal Renckens

Sanne Dijkema

I am running the NY marathon because we got offered this once in a lifetime opportunity and I had to say yes!

I’ve never trained like this before, knowing every step (and every moment of rest or in-between yoga session for that matter) contributes to my ability to complete this race. Sharing this with the Northwave Team and following how we’re all gradually extending our limits doubles the fun. It’s quite the (emotional) rollercoaster – super scary yet super exciting!

Jan Harm Kuipers

I am running the NY marathon because I want to improve my running skills. I’ve always been running in my free time, but only to stay in shape. Setting the goal for myself to run the NY marathon helped me take up running more seriously. During the preparation I already learned a lot. And I hope running the NY marathon will be the first of many more races in the future.

Personal Best

10K: 54.00
HM: +/- 2:20
FM: –

Marc de Jong Luneau

I am running because It adds a great physical aspect to the fantastic journey we are making with Northwave. I can only accomplish this as part of a great team. Team Northwave.

Personal Best

10K: 50:52
HM: 2:02:23
FM: –

Martijn Hagendoorn


Rianne Baan

I am running the NY marathon because this is an opportunity of a lifetime for me personally. It would mean taking on a major challenge, not so much physically but mentally. Because I am convinced that willpower will be a major key in succeeding, and if you want something bad enough you are able to achieve everything. If I can do this, I can do anything. My personal record is the 33 km that I ran last Sunday with Talitha, the one responsible for taking me on this trajectory.

Sem Spenkelink

I  am running the NY marathon, because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to compete in the largest marathon…. *Jeremy intensifies* …in the world. I’ve wanted to run a marathon at some stage, but I could never motivate myself to actually go for it. When this opportunity presented itself lazy Sem couldn’t talk me out of signing up.

My personal best times:
10km twee keer de helft
Half marathon
Marathon – ha.. ha..

Talitha Papelard

Thanks Steven!

I am running the NY marathon because it was Stevens idea… a brilliant idea … I am still grateful for it every mile … all those long roads, sweats, blisters, abrasive places where you didn’t know they exist, the processionary caterpillar, the burning sun or pouring rain … hundreds of miles …. and I hate running and I think Steven is not a fan of it as well … but still he had an idea. He has unleashed a kind of revolution, a marathon revolution!

It started a year ago. Suddenly there was that e-mail. And we were warned “If you don’t jump around (Als je niet staat te springen) … don’t read from now on”. I did it anyway … and it had nothing to do with jumping, just running, running a lot, really running a lot …. I fell for it. Because once I say yes, there is no way back.

Who is this guy? His name is Steven. Steven is our CEO. Sporty, charming, a man with a mission.. and every mile I wonder how did he got us into this …

But, you are 42 and you want something. 42 … where else does that number appear? Oh yes, the number of kilometers of a marathon. Maybe an idea to participate once? Then why not choose the heaviest? New York? Good idea Steven !!!

Within Northwave we call ourselves (professional) idiots. So why not run the New York marathon. And of all the Northwave participants, no one has ever run a marathon … so we are a little crazy.

And apparently there will come a time when it is 3 November in the evening and we have all experienced something that we did not know we could achieve …

And as Steven puts it, it will be beastly …. and it already is a little.


Jeroen van der Meer

I am running the New York marathon because: I was never going to run a marathon again until Marlena came along and told me about the Northwave NYC marathon initiative. Training for and running this marathon with the one I love and her great colleagues is an amazing experience.

Personal Best

10K: 39:59
HM: 1:29:26
FM: 3.34.09

Marlena Carretero de Jong

I am running the New York marathon because: It’s feels like a once in a lifetime experience that I don’t want to miss with my colleagues. And it gets even better because my life partner and personal trainer Jeroen can join me along this incredible journey!

After finishing the half marathon 3 years ago I promised myself: this never again. Running 5 or 10 km is fun but everything above it adds no pleasure. But still there was that little voice inside my head, If you like running and you call yourself a runner, you must finish a marathon once! So when this opportunity passed I had no doubt and signed in immediately. During my training the miles I run expand gradually each week and I’m not very much looking forward to the 3 or even 4 hour long duration runs that are coming up next. But I’m very curious when I will reach my physical limit and whether all these trainings will pay off on that first Sunday in November. So let’s find out in New York!

Personal Best

10K: 55:30
HM: 2:19:03
FM: (I hope to finish within 5 hours…)

Nicolien Vroegop

Rutger Schepers

I am running the NY marathon because:
It’s the perfect challenge, with a unique company and a group of great idiots, uhhh people 😉
What a major honour to join Team Northwave as a guest runner!

I don’t like running, I am not made for running, I feel every step…and it hurts. But I also lost 15 pounds so far and reduced my heartbeat in rest from 60 to 40 bpm. Damn, running makes you fit.

Thanks Northwave, thanks Steven, for this amazing opportunity!

Personal Best

10K: 0:55
HM: 2.05:00
FM: I hope I’ll survive

Steven Dondorp

I am running the NY marathon because ….

I want to show leadership by inspiration for Northwave and my environment. Showing employees they can do far more than they think they can do. If that is possible at work, then this can be done also at home and anywhere in life. And vica versa. I do not ignore myself in that philosophy. Including myself I set goals and join troops in battlefield. Not only the talk, also doing and lead. Together with my employees I suffer the pain that is often also needed for reaching finish, sweetness and succes. To get somewhere.

Continue to set special goals in work, life and for your family. And upfront assume you have to make also big efforts to actually achieve them. But much is achievable with the right attitude, dedication, perseverance and the right passionate team. If you can make it in New York, you can make it everywhere.

Running is for Animals.

So no personal bests on any distance for me on this sport.

I only run once this madness.

That’s my personal best.

Wesley van Kasteren

I am running the New York marathon because I love a challenge, especially when it’s me I’m challenging! I hate running and I never really tried it at this level before, nothing is impossible. I will show you November the 4th around 1:30 PM!

Personal Best

10K: 0:57.51
HM: 2:35:18