Sanne Dijkema


Contributing to the safe digital journey of organisations. By protecting them against cyber-attacks. We think that is important. And cool!

At Northwave, we work with security nerds of various knowledge and expertise. Your skills are a unique addition. We can achieve the best results by integrating input from Business, Bytes & Behaviour. The goal that we want to reach together is clear. It is up to you to decide how you work exactly.

Trust is the foundation of our co-operation. To us it is important to respect and value each other – as a professional and as a person. The lines are short, we are involved with each other and what we are working on. We find each other quickly via Slack, discuss creative solutions while enjoying a Club Mate or a cup of coffee and share cool new discoveries at the monthly Pizza Phun & Pwnage sessions and quarterly meetings.

This sector is constantly evolving. So are you! You have the room to set your own course and shape your development in a way that suits you. Of course you have the resources to do your job in an enjoyable way. Such as a great mac on your (adjustable) desk and healthy snacks in “the Touchdown” A.K.A. ‘The cafeteria’.

What is important to you?

You want to make your way in security. What is important to you in your next step? We look forward to start a conversation with you. Call or mail Sanne!

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