Software developer

What you do

You are responsible for creating and maintaining software tools and features for teams within the whole of Northwave, supporting our (cyber) security services.

As a developer you are creating and maintaining code, based on requirements provided by the feature manager. You are in contact with the colleagues who will use the product to make sure the solution fits the problem. The software architect will help you in getting the most benefits from programming taking place at other places within Northwave.

You make sure the amount of quality control (e.g. unit tests, monitoring, deployment) is in line with how business critical a product is. The criticality of a product will be made clear by the feature manager. For running and monitoring the software in production you will maintain a close relation to our SysAdmins. Interaction with other technical teams is helpful to exchange ideas, knowledge and best practices. You are encouraged to continuously improve overall software quality and our coding standards. Coding will mostly be done in Python. Northwave uses Python where possible to make sure projects can be worked on by all engineers. Making sure everyone can go on vacation.

The team

Northwave is creating a new team dedicated to Development for the whole of Northwave. You will work alongside a software architect and feature manager. Currently development within Northwave is done by team specific engineers, who are focused on products for their own team. The new team will support teams who either do not have the technical skill or resources to develop lasting solutions.

The Development team will be embedded within the Stack Engineering Team, consisting of 8 back-end specialists. You will report to the Engineering Team Lead. You are encouraged to share and receive knowledge from cyber security specialists across Northwave (e.g. the SOC, RedTeam, CERT). Northwave’s engineering culture is best summed up in “getting better every time”. Software projects start out small and, if the idea is successful in practice, projects are extended in iterations. As Northwave grows solutions are continuously improved to function properly with new insights and at a larger scale. Come and help us build!

You enjoy

  • Working in Python
  • Creating software which helps your colleagues
  • Set a goal, work to achieve it and setting a new goal
  • Working on multiple projects (one at a time)
  • Improving software
  • Automated testing and deployment
  • Continuously learning new or better practices and technology


What we expect from you

  • You have experience with Python and analytical skills
  • You work structured
  • You take responsibility
  • Degrees and Certifications are not a must
  • We will be happy if you are experienced in running software in production, and fixing the inevitable bugs
  • We will be extra happy if you have used code deployment technology like Ansible or Terraform

What you can expect from us

  • Macbook, iPhone and mobility scheme to support flexible working
  • 25 vacation days
  • Good retirement arrangement
  • Company wide courses and individual training opportunities to further develop yourself
  • 200+ passionated colleagues to work with and learn from
  • Fun company events and parties, check our working at page here for an overview

Application process


After you applied, Emilie will give you a call to discuss what you are looking for in your next step.

1st interview

We are curious who you are and would like to tell you more about Northwave and this role. This meeting will be with Emilie and the manager.

2nd interview

We go further in depth and you will meet colleagues from the team. Hopefully you want to visit our office!

Technical test

Prove yourself! And find out what activities are done in this role.

Job offer

The moment to say “I do!” Hopefully you are as enthusiastic as we are and come aboard as a new Northwaver!

Join us!

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