Northwave has equal number of men and women in management team

Utrecht, 14 January 2021

Cybersecurity specialist Northwave appoints new Management Team for the Dutch market. The MT of Northwave Nederland currently exists out of 3 women and 3 men, which is unique for the sector. Northwave Nederland will be led by Pim Takkenberg, who will take his place as the new General Manager. Irene Hilhorst has been appointed Financial Director. Dennis van Hees follows in Marc de Jong Luneau’s footsteps as Commercial Director and Christiaan Ottow is to take the former position of Pim Takkenberg as Director Cybersecurity, while also maintaining his role as the current CTO. Inge van der Beijl, Director Behaviour & Training and Talitha Papelard, Director Business Security were already part of the management team.

“Our interdisciplinary approach leans on diversity and inclusiveness, every step of the way. I see it as my main objective to stimulate and facilitate inclusiveness and respectful interdisciplinary cooperation. Which is why I feel proud that we have management teams in Netherlands and Germany in which there is an equal number of men and women. This leads to a more balanced decision-making process, which is vital in ensuring a rapid and stable growth” says Steven Dondorp, CEO and Founder of Northwave Group.

“Additionally, we have noticed that more women are joining the company. It is remarkable to see that Northwave is in this sense too, an a-typical organisation. I feel very much at home in a culture where numbers are in service of the people”, so Irene Hilhorst says.

Dennis van Hees mentions: “Northwave is one of the formative organizations in cybersecurity. A recognizable and highly self-aware company with a distinctive position. I look forward to lead the sales organization of a business that makes traditional targets secondary to the long-term goals of creating added value to clients and employees.”

“It has been an honour to lead this team from the beginning of this year and to give direction to the activities of Northwave Nederland. We see that more and more organizations choose to outsource the complex tasks of cybersecurity management to us. Our approach succeeds or fails depending on our people. Due to this, Northwave will always be an inclusive company that shows commitment to maintaining the wellbeing and development of the men and women that stand on deck to assure our client of a safe digital journey.” Mentions Pim Takkenberg, General Manager of Northwave Nederland.