How do you make your employees enthusiastic, aware and competent for cybersecurity? The ACT! CYBERSAFE program offers a solution. With the help of a structured and fun annual program, all employees within your organisation are informed about their own role in the cyber security of your organisation. In this blog we discuss all the ins and outs of the ACT! Cyber safe program.


The abbreviation “ACT” CYBERSAFE stands for Actively Counter Threats. As the name implies, it is a program that actively protects your organisation’s digital information by reinforcing cyber secure behaviour. Through various interventions, your employees learn which cybersafe behaviour they can use to protect their organisation (even) better against external and internal cyber threats, such as a ransomware attack or a data breach. With an ACT! CYBERSAFE program tackles specific threats to your organisation for a year and manages the risks with the strength of your employees. We do this at all different layers of your organisation, from strategic to operational level. As a result, there is involvement at every level of the organisation and a cybersafe culture is created. This ensures that threats at all levels are deflected and that they are identified and reported earlier.


With ACT CYBERSAFE you strengthen the security of your organisation in two ways: preventive and reactive. Below we explain in detail how this is designed in the program.

  • Preventive: Attention to preventive action is important because cyber incidents and attacks can often be averted through active behaviour. You can draw on the strength of your employees. They are your organisation’s first line of defense and play an important role in preventing cyber incidents. To effectively reinforce this first protective layer, the ACT! CYBERSAFE program addresses the specific role of people within your organisation. They receive targeted sessions that respond to their role and responsibilities and train them in the skills necessary to recognise hazards and act actively in them. Examples of measures we take to stimulate employees in the right way and to teach cybersafe behaviour are: interviews, crisis exercises, workshops for management and training for employees.
  • Reactive: Many incidents can already be prevented with preventive action, yet it is impossible to identify and fend off all threats completely. After all, a mistake is easily made, no matter how attentive and precise your employees work. That is why it is essential to also have the reactive side of cyber security in order. This topic is included in the ACT! Cyber Safe program, by paying attention to the desired behaviour after a security incident has occurred. For example, actively reporting incidents and asking security questions is emphasised.


When selecting a behavioural program, it is good to look for a security partner that really listens to your wishes in the field of cyber security. But also: do they have a good idea of the risks your company runs? It is important that a security partner can really think along and translate your wishes into appropriate measures within your own organisational culture. This way you get a tailormade program instead of generic solutions. This is important. If you really want to make a difference and strengthen cybersafe behaviour, we have learned: ‘One size fits none!’ In addition, your partner must also have the right knowledge inhouse. The landscape in the digital world is changing rapidly, which means that cyber risks are also constantly changing. This means that a good behavioural program must pay attention to the most recent threats. It is therefore advisable to pay close attention to whether your security partner is aware of the current changes that are taking place. Think of choosing a partner who also specialises in Emergency Response. Last but not least, be sure to choose a partner where you can ask questions and voice concerns. An accessible culture is essential in this regard. Especially when it comes to learning new behaviours, there are times when ambiguities can arise. It is then that it is important that your partner is really there for you. After all, you do cyber-safe behaviour together. To learn more about Northwave’s ACT CYBERSAFE program, please contact us so we can discuss your situation