Cyber risks impact your whole company. Do not leave space for coincidences. Choose Northwave’s 360° security and privacy approach.


Northwave is your 360° information security specialist.

Do you want to digitise securely and freely? Information security is paramount. In our opinion only an integral approach to that complex issue can be successful.

That’s why we have developed our 360° approach for you.

We work on the basis of clear risk analyses to limit your business risks. A smart and effective approach is created by properly co-ordinating measures. Northwave specialises in that approach and has been the most comprehensive partner in the field for many years.

Organisations that take their cyber security seriously enjoy working with us for that reason. We take the complexity of security management out of their hands, but they remain in control. They focus on the business and we focus on the security of the business.

We work best when we work for medium-sized and large companies and institutions. We work with clients in all sectors.

Those companies not only opt for our 24*7 availability, but also for our quality and expertise, and in particular for our committed way of co-operation and our commitment to their business objectives. We like a transparent working relationship with clear mutual feedback.

After all, we face the challenge of keeping your digital journey secure together.

If you like the sound of this, we would be happy to talk to you. Discover the value of our services with one of our Security & Privacy Officers. If you want to know in detail where you stand, we provide a substantiated starting point with a State of Security Assessment.

We wish you fair winds – always.



Choose the components you need from our high-quality services for security management, cyber security, business security and security awareness, or talk to one of our Security Officers to draw up the best approach together. They are happy to help you.



    Analysts, lawyers, business experts, researchers, psychologists, hackers, programmers, engineers, men and women from more than 10 countries … At Northwave, all those experts work together to guarantee your safety.


    We feel responsible for a secure digital world. From our moral compass. In a co-operation with you as a customer that means that we dedicate ourselves to your interests and your digital journey.


    We do everything in view of the long term. In our relationship with you, with each other and with our environment. Based on a realistic sense of justice, space and respect, we work on returns for our environment and ourselves.


    Of course we have the necessary certifications and accreditations (ISO27001, ISO 9001, CERT, Ministry of Security and Justice investigation licence). We want to improve every day. But more importantly, we always discuss with each other about what could be improved. Feel free to do so too.


    Northwave has been making a continuous profit since its creation in 2006. We consistently invest that in an average 35% annual growth. As one of the last completely Dutch security companies, we are independent from external (foreign) shareholders. We are the largest integral security specialist in the Benelux.