Documentary: “geld her oder daten weg” nominated

The ZDF documentary, made by Dominic Egizzi & Markus Häussler “Money or data gone! How hackers blackmail the economy” has been nominated for the Herbert Quandt Medien-Preis 2022. This price gets awarded to journalists and publicists that focus on the importance of entrepreneurs and companies in the market economy. This year, 19 contributions our of a total of 245 submissions were selected by the jury.

The documentary focusses on the impact and influence of cybercrime on the economy and on organisations. Pim Takkenberg, General Manager at Northwave, plays a vital part in the narrative, taking the position of the expert on Ransomware and the protection of one’s digital data.

Northwave has been in the trenches of cybercrime for over 15 years, helping companies during cyberattacks and the aftermath of it. Due to this, Northwave’s experts built substantial knowledge and experience on the topic of ransomware as well as how to protect your organisation against it. Hence, Northwave’s contribution was aimed at shedding more light on topics such as the pressure that companies are dealing with during an attack, the people who are behind it and their modus operandi. This in relation to the ways in which this affects organisations in Germany and beyond.

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