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We are proud to be part of a diverse team with security specialists from more than 10 nationalities, different backgrounds and unique specialisations. Despite our differences, we work towards a common goal: ‚Contributing to the safe digital journey, to mitigate the chances of a cyber-attack‘. We are able to reach the best results by integrating our expertises and work together as a team.

Curious what kind of activities we like to do together? Go read this page!

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Specialists are dedicated to create a Safe Digital Journey, let’s introduce them

Pizza, Phun and Pwnage

What is a better way to get to know your colleagues than by having drinks or sharing a meal? At Northwave we think this is really important and therefore we regularly organize events together.

PPP sessions

Are you ready to join our monthly PPP (Pizza, Phun & Pwnage) sessions? We start off with having pizza, beers and/or Fritz soda’s in our office. Afterwards a few Northwavers share what they’ve been up to, what cool stuff they’ve learned or maybe a fun side project they’ve been working on.


Our quarterly meetings help us keep the bigger picture in mind! The management team gives us a recap on what we’ve done and a preview of where we’re heading. There’s always plenty of time for dinner and drinks, a bingo night or some moves on the dance floor!


Once upon a time.. there was a big group of Northwave families in a theme park. You’d expect the kids to be most excited, but secretly the adult Northwavers like it too (or maybe even more..).


Did you know Team Northwave ran the Marathon of New York in November 2019? Our next goal? Running the big 6! In 2020 a new tradition was born: the Northwave half marathon, with the possibility to run the half-half (10,5 km) marathon. And yes, you will receive a medal.

Office wellness

We have a licensed Yoga teacher in our midst’s that organises online morning yoga sessions. What a way to kick-start the day.

And if you’re not tired yet..

What else? Well, bouldering, volleyball tournaments, indoor football, salsa workshops, mud runs and a trip to a trampoline park. We can’t wait to hear what new things you can introduce us to!

Northwave weekend

Have you ever slept on a boat for a weekend? Or in a castle? Playing (card) games, joining challenges, showing your dancing moves or doing karaoke? Luckily, we still have the pictures! Will you join us next year during this legendary weekend?

Christmas party

Matching sweaters? Check! Christmas spirit? Check! While having dinner and drinks we like to celebrate the end of the year together. And even during the pandemic, we found a way to virtually do so.


That’s not all! We enjoy each other’s company. You can expect LAN parties at the office, CTFs, trips to security events, fun development project on our 3D printer, Friday drinks (vrijmibo’s in Dutch) with the best bitterballen (Dutch snack) in town and fun teambuilding events that may include hot tubs, painting clinics or DJ sets.

Social Responsibilities

We think it’s important to give back to society. We do this in a variety of ways. Below you can find some examples of the things we are already working on.

Knowledge sharing

We contribute to a safe digital world. Maybe you have seen one of our specialists participating in a webinar or speaking at an event? Or you read one of the informative blogs and Threat responses that we regularly send out. If not, check them out on our news page!


We’ve set up partnerships that we’re proud of. We go to universities to organize guest lectures for students or join graduation sessions to share our expertises. Within Northwave we also guide several students a year and help them growing towards real security experts!


We’re honoured to be Reservists Employer of 2020. We believe it’s important to support our colleagues in doing what they enjoy and we value that in doing so, we contribute to society’s safety.

Support (row, row, row your boat!)

We’re very proud the rowing associations U.S.R. Triton (Utrecht), A.L.S.R.V. Asopos de Vliet (Leiden), D.R.V. Euros (Enschede), E.S.R. Thêta (Eindhoven) and D.S.R.V. Laga (Delft) wear the Northwave logo on their gear. There’s even a Northwave Regatta coming up, how cool is that?!


We work together with ITVitae by providing the security module in their training program. Several colleagues join in this program and enjoy teaching these students with special talents!

Last, but not least..

We are co-founders of the European Cyber Security Federation, the Dutch cyber-sector confederation “Cyberveilig Nederland” and cooperate with ‚Hack_Right‘. Can’t wait to add our next collaboration(s) here, to be continued..


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