This weekend an article was written about Northwave’s work in Germany. The text appeared in the General -Anzeiger with the title Nach dem Angriff in die „Waschstraße. Wenn Hacker die Firma lahmlegen: Wie Cybersicherheits-Experten arbeiten und warum Corona auch die IT gefährdet„.

In the article Eileen Walther shares her experiences regarding the cyberattacks she has been involved with in Germany. Being the lead in the German branch of the Incident response actions of Northwave, Eileen has witnessed a variety of attacks.

She mentions that generally a way that hackers are able to get access to a company’s data is through phishing, from there it goes really quickly. For this reason it it essential to handle quickly when an organisation is in need of help.

Walther also tells that the idea of hackers handeling by themselves and in a rather amateurish way is often far from the reality and explains how there is a complicated supply chain.

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