Northwave: “Cybersecurity is a company-wide responsibility”

Recently, the Information Security Forum (ISF) released the latest in a series of annual Threat Horizon reports. In this practical overview of emerging threats in cybersecurity, business leaders are given vital information regarding potential business impacts. Hence, enabling them to form a strategic approach to managing and mitigating risk.

Risk mitigation a C-level issue

According to Steven Dondorp, CEO of cybersecurity expert Northwave, there is great importance in involving the whole company in the risk mitigation. “For years security was left to the IT department. Until recently, when it became a C-level issue. Fact of the matter is that managers across the company need to act on their responsibility. This, in order to secure the organisations information security and business continuity. The avalanche of recent incidents has, again, made it painfully clear that many companies are not on top of their cyber resilience on an operational level. ”

About Northwave

Northwave is known for its expertise in integration of information security and privacy management. The cyber expert believes that ‘a safe digital journey’ is an essential part of every organisation. Hence, Northwave’s objective is to guide organisations to achieve this goal. To make this attainable, a unique 360°approach has been developed. Steven explains how “The approach is built around an integrated ICT-security service that combines people, processes and technology. This creates, what we call, an Intelligent Security Operation.”

Future threats

The 2020 issue of Threat Horizon mentions how the upcoming year will feature attacks of a new kind. It is said that a combination of Cyber and physical approaches will be used to shatter business resilience. The recommendations are to update crisis management plans in order to prepare for the extensive eventualities that 2020 could bring. Measures to take include training exercises and scenario planning.

Inge van der Beijl, Director Behaviour & Training at Northwave mentions that in these situations it often becomes apparent that a cyberattack hits the whole company, rather than just the IT department. “With the uncertainty of the types of attacks 2020 will bring, it is important to keep cyber safe behavior top of mind. I believe, it shows to be essential for cyber safe behavior to go beyond awareness, but to create a deeper understanding of what cybersecure behavior means and how it remains. Most awareness training- or exercise programs do not take that into consideration.”


It is apparent that the cybersecurity risks keep renewing. Despite the in-depth knowledge that experts have created over the last years, it is important to keep developing the approaches and measures. It has become a necessity to take protective measures in which human behaviour, processes and technology always remain in line. Northwave will remain to lead in this field of expertise.

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