On Januari 27th, Tagesspiegel published an article in which Eileen Walther, Country Manager Northwave Germany, talks about the responsibility dilemma regarding ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks are not new, though not much attention goes out to the idea that not only the company that gets targeted is affected by this, it spreads to the whole supply chain as well as the end user. For this reason, it is vital that companies that their responsibility in cybersecurity seriously. Naturally, that poses the question: where does this responsibility lie?

Eileen Walther explains how board members are expected to have an elaborated reasoning behind the decisions, considerations and measures that are taken. Being responsible for ensuring and protecting business continuity means that the topic of cyber security deserves your full attention. With cybersecurity being an important part of the organisation’s risk management, this is often something that the CFO is responsible for. However, in many situations this is only one of the many responsibilities the CFO carries.

Many organisations do not have the time and resources to do this in the way that they would like to or that would be required to protect the company adequately.

The question at hand is, how can this be solved.

Eileen mentions that “for security, you need hyper-experts in various fields. Outsourcing the operations of this entire area is therefore a tactical decision that is definitely worth considering.”

She explains more about the way this works in the article Lehren aus dem “schützengraben”

Read the full article here: https://background.tagesspiegel.de/cybersecurity/lehren-aus-dem-schuetzengraben