Count down to Berlin

with Marloes Wijnholds:

🏅 Why do you participate in the Berlin Marathon?
I love to run. It helps me to clear my head, gain energy, improve my condition and at the same time relax. It sometimes feels as a form of meditation especially when I run early in the morning. But I always run shorter distances like a 5km or 10km and the occasional 20km. But I’ve never ran a marathon. It has always been on my (I really hate the term, but ok) bucket-list. I just want to experience if I’m able to run 42 km. Because running a marathon is no small feat. Some even say running a marathon is life-changing and I would like to experience if that indeed is the case.

🎧  What is your favourite workout song to run to?
Everything upbeat, house mixes. Although in my training for the marathon I don’t listen to any music. My biggest challenge is to run at a slower pace and with an upbeat song in my ears that’s even a bigger challenge

💪 What is your most inspirational quote to keep you motivated to run?

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

Date: 22 Sept 2021

I love running the marathon with Team Northwave because I can get to know my colleagues better and it’s even more special to experience the marathon as a team.  

What I can say about my preparations for the marathon is Training for a marathon takes a lot of time. Time I don’t always have with 3 kids and a partner that is also training for the marathon. I believe I trained as much as I possibly can and we will see if it was enough.

In the 60 days left before the Marathon I am planning to Run as much as possible, eat healthy and rest enough.

I am most looking forward to: Haha, the finish is of course the most obvious answer, but I’m most looking forward to Monday and to be very proud of myself that I ran a marathon and have had a very fun weekend.