Count down to Berlin

with Marc de Jong Luneau:

🏅 Why do you participate in the Berlin Marathon?
After completing the New York marathon in 2019, the next one on the list now is Berlin. The goal was to finish and maybe even to go a bit quicker than in the US. However, preparations are less than perfect due to injuries, so we’ll see if that is still feasible.

🎧  What is your favourite workout song to run to?
I always run without music; I prefer whatever sounds surround me.

💪 What is your most inspirational quote to keep you motivated to run?
With the experience of having one under the belt I know it’s going to be a long run so plenty of time to enjoy the city, the crowd and the team and don’t pay too much attention to the pain of the last 8 -10 km’s. I look forward to…. the finish.

first blog coming soon!