Count down to Berlin

with Jair Santanna:

🏅 Why do you participate in the Berlin Marathon?
To achieve one more impressive goal in life!

🎧  What is your favourite workout song to run to?
Spotify playlist: “180 BPM Running Originals” by Tich Kent

💪 What is your most inspirational quote to keep you motivated to run?
“I can do it. I’ve came from so far away. I’ve suffered so much for this. Today is my day. One more km to go.”

Date: 22-07-21

I love running the marathon with Team Northwave because this is an “open challenge” one my bucket list. Secondly, having the commitment of more people to achieve the same goal gives me energy and seeing colleagues progressing gives me joy and enthusiasm. 

What I can say about my preparations for the marathon is” I’m taking it serious! I’m doing a bit of diet and controlling all the stats to see improvement. I even build a site to see it . 

In the 60 days left before the Marathon I am planning to keep losing weight (till 90), not get injuries, improve my HR and pace. 

I am most looking forward to cross the Brandenburg gate and cry of joy without much pain, because: veni, vidi, vici!

Second blog coming soon!