Count down to Berlin

with Diederik Bakker:

🏅 Why do you participate in the Berlin Marathon?
I started running on and off throughout the last few years to keep my weight in check while not making any sacrifices in enjoying student life, but I actually started liking the sport after a while. While I found some friends here crazy enough to do half marathons and even a 25K with me, I never really had the opportunity to run a marathon, as I didn’t feel like going for it on my own. Northwave arranging a marathon is a great opportunity to finally run one, and also to get to know a few more Northwavers in these strange times. Also, I need to be in Prague two days later, so it doesn’t get more efficient than this!

🎧  What is your favourite workout song to run to?
Marathonnie – Etappe

💪 What is your most inspirational quote to keep you motivated to run?
To finish first, you first must finish

First blog coming soon!